LoofCo- Washing Up Brush

LoofCo washing up brushes are hand made in Sri Lanka from coir coconut fibre. A great recyclable altrenative to plastic washing up brushes.

It fits neatly in the hand and is strong enough for scrubbing pans but small enough to reach into cups. Effective for cleaning crokery, cutlery and pans it will last for months and when its worn out simply recycle.

Each brush measures 10cm by 7cm and has a convenient metal hanging hook.

LoofCo- Washing Up Brush

  • Rinse thoroughly before the first use. Immerse and use in warm water with washing up liquid. To keep the brush fresh between uses, rinse and squeeze out excess water and shake out any food particles. Hang to dry from the metal loop. The galvanised metal core will not rust. Occasionally soak in hot water with washing up liquid and air dry to freshen up the brush.